Adult Classes



Learn a skill that you will carry with you  through your college, work and personal life.

Classes on all year round – small class size so places are limited!

Group classes (5+ student) 1 x 1.5-hour classes per week 15 hours – €150
Small group classes (3/4 students) 1 x 1.5-hour classes per week 10 hours – €150
Buddy classes (2 students) 5 x 1-hour classes   5 hours – €100
Private classes (1 student) 5 x 1- hour classes   5 hours – €150
Top-up time 1-1
Book an extra hour or half an hour before or after your class to learn specific vocabulary for your holidays or business trip! 1 hour – €40 or 30 mins – €20

Benefits of attending Greenview Languages

* Focus on oral & aural work

* Small group classes

* New social environment

* Good coffee

Benefits of learning a foreign language

* Preparation for your holidays (impress your friends!)

* Experience of a new culture

* New friends

* Diversity of social and academic skills

* Increased opportunities in the global workforce

Small groups, functional language, learn the basics as a beginner or move onto higher levels and increase your fluency.  Culture is also included.  Culture is also included in our classes and interaction with native speakers on a regular basis is the norm.  Plenty of opportunities to practice!