Secondary School Classes


Give your teenager an advantage by introducing them to foreign languages in a focused environment.  They will learn a skill that they will carry with them through their school, work and personal life.

Ongoing classes – small class size so individual attention guaranteed!

Classes & Costings

Group Classes [5+ students] 1 x 1.5-hour classes per week 15 hours – €150
Small Group Classes [3/4 students] 1 x 1.5-hour classes per week 10 hours – €150
Buddy Classes [2 students]     5 x 1 hour classes 5 hours – €100
Private Classes [1 student] 5 x 1-hour classes 5 hours  –  €150
Private Classes [1 student]
5 x 30-minute classes 5 classes – €100

Group Classes (5-8 students): €150 for 15 hours Group focus, concentration on exam strategies, tips to help you study and achieve the best best you can, extra practice & homework

Small Group Classes (3-4 students): €150 for 15 hours These are the same as group classes, but with fewer students there is more focus.

Buddy Classes (2 students): €100 for 5 x 1 hour classes 2 students/friends have classes together, encourage eachother, work together in order to achieve the same high-level objectives.

Private Class: €40 per hour OR €20 per 30 mins with added vocabulary practice All about you! Focus on a particular area, undivided attention, extra practice & homework

Leaving Cert Exam Club (5-8 students): €150 for 15 hours Leaving Certificate students work with a teacher to continuously review exam strategies while building vocabulary and fluency throughout the exam year.

Did you know …?

Just by focusing on the speaking and listening part of the exam, you can cover 45% of the exam!

French/Spanish/German    Higher Level Leaving Certificate Ordinary Level Leaving Certificate
Speaking             25% 20%
Listening  20% 25%
Reading 30% 40%
Writing   25% 15%