Open Day 2014

Come to our Languages Open Day 3rd/4th September!

4-7pm Information day for kids, teenagers or adults!

Drop in and meet your teachers and find out more about your course!  We specialise in language classes for all ages – and all languages!

– Doing business in China?

– Heading to Spain/Portugal on holidays?

– Need help/grinds for your exams?

If there is a language you have always wanted to learn, drop in and have a chat about what you would like and we can organise it for you!

Start date 22nd September

Cost:  €150 for 10 lessons of 1.5 hours/lesson

Morning, afternoon and evening classes to suit your timetable!


Why should you learn with us?

Qualified teachers, native speakers, small classes and a focus on speaking. By combining students from the language school and the English school, we ensure that there is a wonderful mixture of accents to be heard while learning the cultures of those in the classroom next to you. We try to do as many joint social activities as we can together including our now famous International Food Parties! A treat for every sense!

‘Learn French, German, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Polish and Portuguese not to mention Irish. Right here in Tralee.’

 Did you know …

• Junior Certificate – 43.75% of the marks are for listening
• Leaving Certificate – 45% of marks are divided between listening and speaking
• Students can go up a grade just by focusing a little more on listening and speaking